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This page provides links to downloadable lemmings files. The list is very extensive, however I still have a few more files that will be posted eventually. Thanks go to Alex at World of the Lemmings for assembling this collection of downloads. Enjoy!

Many of the links here are links to other servers, however I have nearly all of these files on my hard drive.
If you find any broken links, please let me know, and I will fix them.

Please do not link directly to the files on this page. Rather, please link to the page itself (http://lemmings.dreamhosters.com/downloads.html).


If no system is given, the files are for PC. Most of the files were found with FTP Search.

Most of the files come in some sort of archives (.zip, .arj, .lzh, .lha etc.) If you don't have an extractor for a certain archive type installed, see the comp.compression FAQ for extracters for your operating system.

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Demos and freeware games

Fan-created Lemmings Games

Level editors and add-on levels

Trainers, etc.

Other game tools

  • Lemmings Code Generator (lemgen.zip)
  • LemmCode - Code Generator (lemmcode.zip)
  • Amiga to PC Level Converter (l2conv11.zip)
  • Lemmings 2 The Tribes Level encoder/deocder (lemzip.exe)
  • Hell of Lemmings II - scenarios, arenas, arena editor - included in the game file, see above


Pictures, videos, animations

Texts, ASCII and ANSI pictures

Icons and desktop themes

Technical help

For other games

Some explanations

Lemmings for PC/Windows

The file wlemm-m.zip (795 KB) only contains the game and you need the programs WinG and Win32s. wlemm-f.zip (2.3 MB) already contains these both programs. Here are three readme files: the game in general (wlemm.txt), the version without WinG and Win32s (wlemm-m.txt), the version with them (wlemm-f.txt).

Lemmings for Z88

Lemmings for Z88 is available in various formats: bank 62, bank 63, ZIPped version, RAM-installable version. To play the game, you need the 60 levels that you can get here! For a plain text documentation, click here.
More information about what the different formats are and about the Z88 in general can be found at the Z88 Forever web site.

Lemmings answerphone text

A small, funny text for your telephone answering machine. It's in German. lemming.wav (230 KB). The lemming says translated: "Hello caller! Sorry, my owner's busy at the moment. He's just got hold of the game 'Lemmings', so he'll be busy for quite a while. Simply leave your name and phone number and with a bit of luck he'll call you back in a couple of days. And now I must also get back into my computer."

Walking Lemming animation for HP48

The Walking Lemming animation has been posted in the newsgroup comp.sources.hp48. There is version 1.0 (from ftp.fh-niederrhein.de walkin10, or from Google Groups: plain output) and version 1.1 (from ftp.math.hr: lemming or from Google Groups: plain output). Version 1.1 contains the source code in System RPL.

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