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This page provides information about the various Lemmings games that have been released. I add more information to it as new information becomes available. The Lemmings FAQ is also hosted on this site. The FAQ contains the information on this page as well as level codes, cheats, technical help and more.

All of the games on this site are official Lemmings games. For an extensive list of unofficial Lemmings games, including clones, unofficial ports and Lemmings-inspired games, please see the Unofficial Games page.

Psygnosis published all the Lemmings games up to Lemmings Revolution. Take 2 Games published Lemmings Revolution, and now owns the rights to Lemmings. DMA design developed the original Lemmings up through Lemmings Chronicles/All New World of Lemmings, although other developers took care of most of the ports to other systems.

All screenshots are taken from the PC versions, unless otherwise noted. You can click on the screenshots to get a larger image, and in some cases additional screenshots.

What is Lemmings?

Lemmings is a puzzle game in which the goal is to guide a certain number of Lemmings to the exit on each level. The Lemmings enter the level through one or more hatches somewhere on the level. They can be assigned skill that are used to help them get to the exit. The levels get progressively harder, with some of the last levels being VERY difficult. Many of the level names in Lemmings are hidden references to other things as detailed on this page.

Original Lemmings is the only Lemmings game for which there is a working level editor. The Level Editor Page has the level editor available for download, along with user created level packs.

Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings

Lemmings was released in February 1991 on the Amiga, and was subsequently released on a huge number of other platforms, including PC and Macintosh.

Oh No! More Lemmings was released shortly after the original Lemmings. It is a set of 100 new Lemmings levels. It features new graphics and music, but is otherwise the same as the original Lemmings. It was released as an add-on requiring the original game, and also as a standalone game.

SystemA Handheld Lemmings

This is a handheld electronic LCD game, similar to Nintendo Game & Watch, although not as well designed. The gameplay and music are nothing like traditional Lemmings games, this instead being a scrolling platformer. The player must jump over various obstacles, and can collect pickaxes to bash through some walls. I'm not sure if the game was officially licensed by Psygnosis, although the logo is certainly the real thing. Systema is, or was, a company based in the UK, and made several other electronic games, mostly handheld. There is a picture on the pictures page.

Covox Lemmings/Save the Lemmings

Covox Lemmings/Save the Lemmings is an 8 level demo that was given to customers who ordered Lemmings through Psygnosis' 800 number. The first level is a special "Covox" level. I haven't played this game except for the first level, so I don't know much else about it.

Lemmings: The Official Companion Lemmings

Included with the "Lemmings: The Official Companion" book is a disc containing a 16 level Lemmings game with level created especially for the book. The levels borrow the graphics set used in Oh! No! More Lemmings. There are 4 levels per difficulty, from Fun through Mayhem.

Christmas/Holiday Lemmings

In 1991 and 1992, Psygnosis released special Lemmings demos for Christmas. They feature wintery graphics, and the Lemmings are dressed up in Santa Claus suits. Each demo includes 4 levels. In 1993, Psygnosis released a 32 level Christmas Lemmings game. In 1994, they released yet another Christmas Lemmings game, however, the 1994 version was sold in stores. The 1994 Holiday Lemmings includes the levels from 1993 Holiday Lemmings as well.

Lemmings 2: The Tribes

In 1993, Psygnosis released the first real sequel to Lemmings, called Lemmings 2: The Tribes. Lemmings 2 retains the same basic graphical style as Lemmings, but it has more varied landscapes, and even some differenly colored Lemmings. It features 12 tribes of Lemmings, including: Highland, Space, Medieval, Outdoor, Egyptian, Classic, Sports, Shadow, Circus, Polar, Cavelems, and Beach. It also includes 60 skills that the Lemmings can use. A complete list of skills, along with short descriptions can be found here.

Lemmings Chronicles/All New World of Lemmings

The next game in the Lemmings series was released as Lemmings Chronicles in the US, and The All New World of Lemmings in Europe. It is quite a bit different than all of the previous Lemmings games. It includes the Egyptian, Shadow and Classic tribes from Lemmings 2. Psygnosis promised "data disks" to add the other 9 tribes, but they were never released. The graphics in Lemmings Chronicles are very different from those in Lemmings and Lemmings 2. The Lemmings are bigger (actually closer to the screen), and they are much more detailed. The Egyptian Lemmings are actually dressed up in Egyptian clothing, and the shadow Lemmings are actually wearing black suits. In Lemmings Chronicles, there are only 5 basic skills. Those are: walker, blocker, jumper, dropper, and tool user. The more familiar skills are found as small boxes that can be picked up by the Lemmings. You can use the "tool user" skill to make a Lemming use the tool they are carrying. The Lemmings can only possess one type of tool at a time. Lemmings Chronicles also includes other creatures that can be both helpful and harmful to the Lemmings.

3D Lemmings

In 1995, Psygnosis published 3D Lemmings, which was developed by Clockwork Games. 3D Lemmings was released on both the Sony Playstation and the PC. 3D Lemmings has a fully 3D, polygonal environment. The skills are the same as those in the original Lemmings, with the exception of the turner skill, which can be used to turn Lemmings left or right.

3D Lemmings Winterland

3D Lemmings Winterland is a 6-level demo of 3D Lemmings featuring wintery graphics. It was included with 3D Lemmings most likely around Christmas of 1995. The game comes on a separate CD. The game was written for DOS but will run fine (including sound) in Windows XP. It does take some work to get it running however. More info is on the Technical Help Page. Screeshots, packaging pictures and more can be found on this page. The game can be downloaded here (6.32 MB).

Lemmings Paintball

Lemmings Paintball was released in 1996. Lemmings Paintball has very different gameplay from all the other versions of Lemmings. The object of the games is to capture your opponents flag without losing all of your Lemmings. The maximum number of Lemmings you control at one time is 4. Instead of the Lemmings walking in a straight line unless you stop them, you direct them to go exactly where you want them to with the mouse. There are really no skills as in the other Lemmings, however there are certain parts of the environment (switches, balloons, doors, etc.) that the Lemmings can interact with. Lemmings Paintball includes network play, however I have never used it.

The Adventures of Lomax

The Adventures of Lomax was released for PC and Sony Playstation in 1997. Lomax is actually a platform game, much like Sonic the Hedgehog, or Rayman. It features very nice graphics and animation. You control Lomax the Lemming. In Lomax, Evil Ed has cast a spell over Lemmingland, and it's up to you (Lomax) to save the Lemmings. The goal of the games is really the same as any other platform game, namely to beat all of the levels and bosses. Along the way however, you try to free as many "cursed" Lemmings as possible. Lomax can pick up and use certain skills to help him along the way. They include things like builder, digger, flame hats, grappling hats etc.

Lemmings Revolution

Lemmings Revolution was released by Take 2 Games in April 2000. Psygnosis started development on it, but later halted development and sold the rights to the game to Take 2. Take 2 finished the game and published it. Lemmings Revolution is very much like the original Lemmings. The reason it's called Lemmings Revolution is because the Lemmings walk on the outside of a large cylinder that can be rotated. Here is an interview with Mat Thomas, who was on the Lemmings revolution development team.

Lemmings for PSP

Lemmings for PSP is the latest major Lemmings game. Developed by Team 17 and published by Sony, the game features gameplay very similar to the original Lemmings with updated graphics and sound, as well as a sophisticated level editor (a first for an official Lemmings game). I've posted a complete review of the game here.

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