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Non-official Lemmings games

If you're looking for fan-created levels for Lemmings, and information about level-editors, please see the Level Editor page.

Beside the games released officially there are some fan-made games. These include Lemmings clones, games that are considered similar to Lemmings and games that are totally different but in which lemmings appear as characters.

This page lists those games sorted into the following categories.

Exact clones and ports
These are games where the author tried to get as close as possible to the original Lemmings game. There are only minor differences, mostly because some features of Lemmings cannot be ported to every platform.
Lemmings-like games
These are games that play more or less like Lemmings but have features that clearly distinguish them from Lemmings, for example, not all skills might be included, there might be additional skills, or penguins may appear instead of Lemmings.
Games with Lemmings appearing as characters
In these games, lemmings appear as characters but apart from that, they have no similarities with Lemmings.
Games I'm not sure about
I actually don't know what these games are like.

Exact clones and ports


Lemmini is a Java version of Lemmings which is intended to work on any platform on which Java is supported. It currently works under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (both PowerPC and Intel). The game can be downloaded from the author's website. Note that a copy of Lemmings for Windows is required to use Lemmini, as the data and graphics are pulled from it. Windows itself is not required.

Lemmings for HP48

Lemmings has been ported to Hewlett Packard HP48 pocket calculator by Christophe Dupont de Dinechin. Versions for HP48 GX and SX are available. The game comes with a level editor.

Lemmings for HP49G

Pagala Jala has ported the HP48 version to the HP49G.

Lemmings for TI 89 / TI 92 / TI 92+

There's a port for the Texas Instruments pocket calculators TI 89, TI 92 and TI 92+. It was made by Stephan Effelsberg and Alejandro Paz Schmidt. See the author's web site for more.

LemmingZ for TI-86

Christopher Tremblay has made a version of Lemmings for the Texas Instruments pocket calculator TI-86 called LemmingZ. More about the game can be found on its page on Ticalc.org.

Lemmingz for TI-83 / TI-83+

Matthew Roberts has ported Lemmings to the Texas Instruments pocket calculators TI-83 and TI-83+. This game is called Lemmingz, too. A level creator for Windows 98 is also available. See its page on Ticalc.org for more.

Lemmings for Sinclair Z88

Lemmings has been ported to the Sinclair Z88 by Dominic Morris in 2000. This version includes 60 levels. See the Z88 Lemmings ROM web page for more.

LemminGS for Apple IIgs

A port of Lemmings for Apple IIgs was made by Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini in 1996. This version is called LemminGS and includes 92 levels. See the LemminGS web page for more.

Lemons for PalmOS

Lemons is a Lemmings clone for the PalmPilot. It features Lemons (Little Eager Men Of No Sense) instead of Lemmings but is played the same as Lemmings (same skills etc.) The unregistered game comes with a sample board that can be played freely. Registration costs $10. See the Lemons web site for more.

Lemmings for PalmOS

Another version of Lemmings for PalmOS is available from ardiri.com. ardiri.com is pursuing the official license for Lemmings on the Palm Computing Platform. The game engine is currently available for free. There are also some additional level packs.

Lemmings for Windows CE

Lemmings has been ported to Windows CE by Jason Bikker. (The author's web site has disappeared.)

New Year Lemmings 1991/92 for Amiga

Released in 1991. This game for Amiga was made by Gaston^Splatt and published by Fairlight (whoever these people are). It is totally identical to Holiday Lemmings, except for the levels. There is one rating called Kickass consisting of 5 levels. It seems that Gaston has made the levels by editing the original files.

Copycat Lemmings / Freeware Lemmings Clone for PC/Windows

Released in 1998. A freeware Lemmings clone for PC/Windows32 made by Peter Spada. It is divided into four ratings (Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem) with 30 levels each, as the original game. A level editor that lets the player create up to 96 levels themselves comes with the game. Some people made some levels with that editor and published them.

From June to December 1998, the game and the add-on levels were available for download on the Internet. Then, Peter got copyright problems with Psygnosis and the game and the add-on levels were removed.

Version 5 was the last version of the game. This is the version history of Copycat Lemmings:

First beta version: Contains Fun, Tricky and Taxing with 30 levels each and Mayhem with 8 levels.
Version 2 with 15 Mayhem levels.
Version 3 with some bugfixes.
Final version with 30 Mayhem levels.
Second final version with a bugfix in level Mayhem 23.


Released in 2001. This game is written in Java, so it can be played on various platforms. It is being played like the original game and uses the original graphics. Five levels are included. Lem32 can be downloaded or played on-line in a browser with a java plugin. Search for Lem32 on Google and you'll find several locations.

Lemmings-like games

Pingus for Linux

A free Lemmings clone made by Ingo Ruhnke. It is being developed under Linux, but Windows binaries are also available. Pingus has penguins instead of lemmings, it comes with a level editor and a multiplayer mode. See the Pingus website for more.

Hamsters for DOS

Released in 1993, made by Gregory G. Taylor, available for PC/DOS.

This game includes hamsters instead of lemmings. There are 12 skills of which some of them don't appear in Lemmings, e.g. the hamsters can walk head first, dig diagonally upwards and more.

Lemmis for PC/Windows

Released in 2001. This game was made by André Könecke and is avaiable for PC/Windows32. You have to guide creature called lemmis to their house. Most of the skills from Lemmings also appear in this game: there are blockers, builders, bashers, diggers, sliders (floaters) and climbers.


Released in 2003. This is a multiplayer Lemmings clone for PC/Windows32 that features creatures called "clones". Up to 16 players can play at a time. There are in-game chat and playback functions. Clones includes a WYSIWYG map editor that can, apart from loading Clones levels, convert .DAT level files used by the PC/DOS version of Lemmings into .LVL files used by the PC/Windows version of Lemmings. For more, visit the Clones web site. Currently, there's a demo available. [2004-12-03]


Ducks is a Lemmings-like game for PC/DOS, made by Hungry Software. In each level, you have to take a number of ducks into a rocket which is the exit. There is one leader duck, all other ducks can just follow it. The ducks only walk when the player wants the to walk; normally, they just stand still (except on slippery ground).

In the levels, the player has to make the path to the rocket safe for the ducks by building bridges, dropping bombs and other stuff, rather than making the ducks do that. When the path is clear, the ducks can walk.

3D Magnetic Marbles

[Added 2003-10-21] Released in 2003. The goal of this game, which was made for PC/Windows32 by Jason Crook, is guiding a number of bouncing marbles safely from an emitter to the exit. The player does not assign tasks to the marbles but can place or remove items like arrows which change their direction or spikes which destroy them. The games comes with a level editor and a random level generator. You can find out more on the web site of 3D Magnetic Marbles.

Cheese Quest

Released in 2001. A game for PC/DOS. It includes mice instead of lemmings. The levels are three-dimensional. The mice walk out of the entrance and the player has to guide them to the exit by placing signposts to make them turn to a different direction or putting parachutes in the level which they can take, and so on. On the way to the exit, the mice can collect cheese which gives bonus points.

Cheese Quest comes with a level editor. See the Cheese Quest page for more about the game.

Thinker & Thinker 2

Thinker is a freeware game for PC/Windows32 by Aidan Boreham released in 1999. The levels are divided into four ratings: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

The game is a bit different from Lemmings. In each level, there are a number of 'characters' walking along the screen and the player must lead a certain amount of them into the exit. But only one of them (the leader) can build, dig, climb and so on, all the others can ony walk. So the leader has to do all the work. There is also a new skill: A laser that burns holes above the characters. (yes, that appears in Lemmings 2, but not in the original game.)

Thinker 2 is a sequel to Thinker. It is the same as the first Thinker game, but it has new Beginner and Intermediate levels. There are no Advanced and Expert levels in this game since Aidan decided to stop making levels after he finished Intermediate.

More about Thinker and the sequel can be found on the programming section of Aidan's web site (the site disappeared).

No IQ, No IQ Extreme & No IQ 2

No IQ and its sequels are freeware games for PC/Windows32 made by Popcorn Entertainment. In each level, you have to guide little red creatures called 'fools' from the entrace to the exit, using blockers and bombers. In some lvels you don't have enough bombs at the beginning, but you can collect more of them in the level.


Released in 2000. A freeware game for PC/Windows32 made by Shaila59. It is in French. In the game, there are creatures called lutins that you have to guide from the entrance to the exit. You can use bridges, walls and bombs to make the path safe for them. The lutins don't move always but only when the player presses one of the arrow keys.

Shoujo Attack

[Added 2004-21-02] Released in 2004. Here you have to guide "shoujo" to the exit using anime/J-Game skills. It runs under Windows32. See the Shoujo Attack web site for more. (Thanks to David Banz for telling me about this game.)

Games with Lemmings appearing as characters

Hell of Lemmings II

This game is available for PC/DOS. It is a genre mix of action and strategy. The aim of the game is to survive as the only of 2 or 3 players. You can shoot the opponents with weapons. It is a bit like "Worms", but with Lemmings graphics. The game itself is in English, but the instructions only in German.

More about the game can be found on the Hell of Lemmings II web site.


Released in 1991. This game for Amiga was made by Krypton Force. It is a mix of Jumpman and Lemmings: There is only one lemming on the screen that can be controlled using a joystick. It can move around, jump and climp ladders. In each level, the player has to move the lemming from the entrance to the exit.

Operation Lemming

Released in 1991. This game for Amiga wa made by Chris Foote. Instead of saving lemming, the player has to shoot them. In each level, lemmings walk aroung the screen. The player can use the mouse to move the gun sight and press the left mouse button the fire a shot.


A game for Amiga made by El Caracho. This is an Asteroids-like game, but instead of asteroids, there are lemmings. There are various lemmings flying around the screen and the player has to shoot them.


This is a games for PC/MS-DOS programmed by Jan Caiti Zeithaml. It's like Tetris as usual, but whenever a row is full, a lemming appears on top of the blocks. Lemris can be played in "kill" mode where the player has to kill these lemmings using the blocks or in "alive" mode where the lemmings must not be killed. For more, visit the Lemris web site (Czech language only). There are two slightly different versions, called Lemris and Lemris 2.

Hired Guns

[Added 2004-02-07] This is a first-person, three-dimensional role-playing game for Amiga and PC, published by DMA Design as well. It includes four characters that can be controlled individually by up to four players. The maps in Hired Guns are three-dimensional, unlike those in similar games. In some levels, lemmings appear as enemies. There's a screenshot of one of them available. (Thanks to Michael Barkholt for telling me about this game.)

Games I'm not sure about

I've read about these games but I don't know what they are like. If you know more about them, please tell me.

A game for Amiga made by Tornado.
Lemmings Galipo
A Spanish Lemmings-like game for Amiga, released in 1997.
Lemmings Bridge
A game made by Sam Yam for the pocket calculator TI-82. You need TI-BASIC to play it. Released in 1997.
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