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This page gives links to other websites. If you have a Lemmings site, and you wish to have it listed, please email me.

Lemmings Links

  • The Lemmings Story - Mike Dailly one of the creators of Lemmings created this site that tells the history of Lemmings
  • Lee's Lemmings Paintball Page - Newly redone site focused on Lemmings Paintball
  • Lemmings HQ - Relatively new Lemmings website with good pictures, links, downloads, and more.
  • The DMA History Site - Also by Mike Dailly, this site talks about the history of DMA Design
  • nothingbutsoftware.com - Has 3D Lemmings available for sale (search for "lemmings")
  • World of the Lemmings - Great site with lots of info
  • Lemnet Chronicles Website - Lots of info about Lemmings, especially details about the systems and developers.
  • Oh No! The Lemmings Games Web Page - First ever Lemmings site
  • The Big World of Lemmings - A new Lemmings site with lots of original Lemmings art, along with downloads, solutions, and technical help. SITE IS IN GERMAN, but can be translated with Babelfish, and is definitely worth a look.
  • Lemmings Solution - This site has walkthroughs for several versions of Lemmings.
  • Clones - This is the website for a new, multiplayer Lemmings clone being developed (demo now available).
  • Lemmini - This is the website for Lemmini, a Java version of Lemmings which will run on any system with a Java Virtual Machine, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • OldSoftware.com - This site sells all kinds of old software, specializing in Commodore/Amiga products. They have a couple versions of Lemmings for sale.

Miscellaneous Links

  • Amiga Inc. - Website of Amiga Incorporated, makers of the Amiga OS and AmigaOne computer.
  • AtariAge - This site is community and information site for Atari consoles.
  • Commander Keen Fan Site - A fan site of the classic commander keen game series. Includes game downloads, reviews, information, media, screenshots and a guestbook.
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